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Let’s continue our discussion on SEO

What is a KEYWORD

The moment you talk about search engine optimization, the most important word you will hear is KEYWORD.

A keyword refers to any word or phrase that is present in a content that you have produced and is relevant because people searching for the content you have created will include it in their search.

Basically, almost everything you put into a search engine like Google to search for can be considered as a keyword.

When last did you do a search on Google?

Let’s use an example to explain further.

If I go to Google and search for “What is digital marketing?”

Upon eliciting such a search, Google will bring up a number of websites.
For each of the websites that comes up, there is going to be one with content that is relevant to the search.

Most commonly, these pages coming up are likely to have the exact question or phrase “What is digital marketing” in them.

That phrase is therefore considered as the focus keyword.

This means that any time you are creating content, you have to take note of various keywords that you want to rank for.

Types of SEO keywords

There are two types of keywords.

The long-tail keywords and the short-tail keywords. Other people add a third one (mid-tail keywords).

Short-tail keywords are usually one or two words long. They are difficult to rank for especially because more authoritative websites will be competing for such keywords. However, there are some which may be easy to rank for.

Long-tail keywords are usually longer than three words.

These are easier to rank for.

Before choosing any keyword for use there are certain things you need to know about the keyword. We will discuss those factors in the next lesson.

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